Corporate Loyalty

Corporate Loyalty

The RichReach Corporate Loyalty service

Businesses can offer their own Corporate Loyalty Schemes using the RichReach Software Platform.

The customers of the Businesses can view their Loyalty Statement and Purchase Tickets at the RichReach Application.

Is the RichReach Corporate Loyalty service for you?

Any Business that wishes to reward its customers can use the RichReach Corporate Loyalty service.

If your Business has a Corporate Loyalty Scheme, you can authorise RichReach to onnect with your Loyalty System. Your customers can use the RichReach App to view their Loyalty Statement and Purchase Tickets.

If your Business does not have a Corporate Loyalty Scheme, RichReach can offer the full loyalty service: calculate new points, redeem points, show statement etc.

Please note that in order to implement the connection between your POS or ERP systems with RichReach, the involvement of your POS/ERP supplier and your IT consultant will be required.

Additional Features

  1) Your customers can use "My Barcode" at the RichReach App so the cashier can easily find them.

  2) The primary telephone number used to join a Corporate Loyalty Scheme is a mobile telephone number. An alternative telephone number can also be added.

  3) When one of your customers has made a purchase but is not using the RichReach App, he/she will receive an SMS from RichReach (on your behalf) with instructions on how to download the RichReach App. Please note that SMS will be sent only during the first few purchases of a customer.

  4) You can configure how the loyalty points are calculated and redeemed.