Premium Rate Services

Premium Rate Services - List of Premium Rate Numbers

eUmbrella Corporation (CY) Ltd is licenced (8/2014) by the Office of the Commissioner of Electronic Communications and Postal Regulation of Cyprus (OCECPR/ΓΕΡΗΕΤ) to offer voice services.

To call / send SMS to Cypriot Premium Rate Numbers, you need a Cypriot telephone connection.

For assistance regarding calls/sms to Premium Rate Numbers of eUmbrella Corporation (CY) Ltd, please call 80040100 between 09:00 and 17:00, Monday to Friday.

The Premium Rate Numbers assigned by OCECPR/ΓΕΡΗΕΤ to eUmbrella Corporation (CY) Ltd and the Premium Rate Numbers ported to eUmbrella Corporation (CY) Ltd from other Cypriot voice carriers are:

Range of Premium Rate Numbers Quantity Price Category Price from Mobile (*) Price from Landline (*)
90013330 1 K04 €0.41/min €0.33/min
90013333 1 K04 €0.41/min €0.33/min
90013334 1 K04 €0.41/min €0.33/min
90011100 - 90011199 100 K08 €1.10/min €1.02/min
90010400 - 90010499 100 K09 €1.61/min €1.52/min
90019640 1 K09 €1.61/min €1.52/min
90019650 1 K09 €1.61/min €1.52/min
90019655 1 K09 €1.61/min €1.52/min
90019660 1 K09 €1.61/min €1.52/min
90019666 1 K09 €1.61/min €1.52/min
90014400 - 90014499 100 K10 €2.11/min €2.03/min
90910400 - 90910499 100 K11 €2.62/min €2.54/min
90022500 1 K12 €3.13/min €3.05/min
90022505 1 K12 €3.13/min €3.05/min
90022510 1 K12 €3.13/min €3.05/min
90022522 1 K12 €3.13/min €3.05/min
90022534 1 K12 €3.13/min €3.05/min
90977100 - 90977199 100 K12 €3.13/min €3.05/min
90040400 - 90040499 100 X01 €1.10/call €1.02/call
90032230 1 X02 €2.28/call €2.03/call
90032232 1 X02 €2.28/call €2.03/call
90032237 1 X02 €2.28/call €2.03/call
90033060 1 X03 €4.31/call €4.07/call
90033063 - 90033064 2 X03 €4.31/call €4.07/call
90033068 1 X03 €4.31/call €4.07/call
90034270 1 X04 €6.34/call €6.10/call
90035020 1 X05 €8.38/call €8.13/call
90035030 1 X05 €8.38/call €8.13/call
90035035 1 X05 €8.38/call €8.13/call
90035050 1 X05 €8.38/call €8.13/call
90035190 1 X05 €8.38/call €8.13/call
3074 1 €0.25/sms
5888 1 €0.50/sms
5999 1 €0.50/sms
7555 1 €1.50/sms

(*) The prices include 19% VAT

1) When you call a Premium Rate Number you will hear the price of the call. You have 3 seconds to decide if you would like to proceed before you are charged.
2) As per the GDPR rules regarding your privacy, we require your confirmation whether or not you would like to receive advertising/promotion material from us. You will hear this message every time you call until you provide us with an answer.
3) If you have chosen to receive advertising/promotion material from us, you can Opt Out at any time by calling 80040641 (please allow up to 2 days for your Opt Out request to be processed).
4) When you use our Premium Rate Services, you will be charged by your telephone service provider.
5) Calling our Premium Rate Numbers can create a large bill for you. We reserve the right to limit your usage of our Premium Rate Services. We also reserve the right to temporarily or permanently block your telephone number from accessing our Premium Rate Services.
6) We offer Adult-only Services through our Premium Rate Numbers. By using our Premium Rate Adult-only Services, you consent that you are an adult. If you are not an adult, please do not call to our Premium Rate Adult-only Services. We bare no responsibility if you are not an adult and you use our Premium Rate Adult-only Services. If we find out that a non-adult has used our Premium Rate Adult-only Services, we will block the telephone number used by the non-adult from accessing all our Premium Rate Services.