Fixed Telephony FAQ

Fixed Telephony - Frequently Asked Questions

My Landline

Q: Do I need a new landline connection to make RR calls?
A: No, you make RR calls with your existing Cyprus landline and phone device.

Q: I do not have a landline. Do you install new landlines?
A: eUmbrella Corporation uses the infrastructure of established telephony companies to offer RichReach Telephony services. To request a new landline, please contact the telephony provider(s) servicing your location.

Q: Can I keep my fixed telephone number?
A: Yes, you can continue using the same number. When you make a call with RichReach, the destination will see the call is coming from your telephone number.

Q: Do I need to transfer my landline to eUmbrella Corporation?
A: No. RichReach does not replace your existing connection. Both operate at the same time.

Q: Can I stop paying my landline provider if I use the RR Fixed Telephony service?
A: No, an active landline connection is required. Any monthly fixed fees and charges will need to be paid. Also, incoming calls are received through your landline connection and provider so you cannot cancel it.

Q: Will my landline provider cause problems to me if I use RichReach for all my calls?
A: The telecommunications market is very competitive and there are rules and legislations in place to ensure healthy competition. However you should review the terms and condition of your landline agreement for any restrictions.

Q: How about when placing RR calls over the internet?
A: A valid phone number is linked with your static IP or username/password. This ensures the people you call can see your number and know you are calling them. Additionally, this is a legal requirement eUmbrella Corporation must comply with (for emergency services).
  Therefore, eUmbrela Corporation requires a recent phone bill on your name before activating your VoIP - SIP connection.

Q: I do not live in Cyprus. Can I use the RichReach Fixed Telephony?
A: Unfortunately not today. We do have plans to release the RichReach Application and Platform internationally.

My Fixed Telephone Device

Q: Can I configure my PABX on my own?
A: It is not possible to install a software similar to the RichReach App on PABXs. The PABX needs to be manually configured to connect with the RR Platform. Therefore, eUmbrella Corporation (and possibly the PABX supplier) will be involved in the process to ensure the implementation is succesfull.

Q: How about tradiitional single devices?
A: They are usually plug and play with limited or no configuration features. Please use the RR Calling Card service instead or the RichReach App of your mobile phone.

Q: Isn't SIP telephony easy to implement?
A: Yes, it is. You can buy a VoIP/SIP phone, configure it and connect it to the internet, all in 5 minutes. A PABX requires a SIP module. eUmbrella Corporation recommends SIP connection for landline calls.

Q: I use a virtual PABX. Is it supported?
A: A Virtual PABX is leased (monthly rental) from your landline provider and may have limited configuration features. You should Contact Us to assist you find out if your Virtual PABX can support RichReach calls.

Q: Is there anything I should know when configuring my telephone device to make RichReach calls?
A: eUmbrella Corporation will guide you during the configuration process and any problems can be resolved together.
  However, be aware that prolonged power loss or firmware updates for your device can reset its configuration. It is recommended that you keep a backup of the configuration (digital or written down) to reconfigure in case of a reset.

Activation of the RR Fixed Telephony

Q: Why do you need to approve my application?
A: We need to confirm that the phone number is yours to comply with the applicable legislation. More specifically, emergency services need to know your location if they have to respond to a call you have.
  This process does not apply for Mobile Numbers since the number is confirmed during the installation of the RichReach Application.
  Also, when using the RR Calling Card Service, your landline provider informs us of the telephone number making the call.


Q: Do I have to use a special prefix or number in front of the destination number to make a RR call?
A:  RichReach selected for all your calls:  Just dial the destination number. Your device will automatically connect with RichReach to make the call.
   RichReach selected for some of your calls:  You have to first call 80040800 and follow the instructions to make a call.

Q: My fixed telephony package offers free local minutes. Can I call with RichReach also?
A: If supported by your device, configure it to only make international calls via RichReach. Otherwise, use the RR Calling Card service when you want to make a RichReach call.

Q: Calls placed between my locations are free. Are they also free with RichReach?
A: This is a landline provider feature. Please configure your device to connect such calls through your landline provider.

Q: What happens when someone is calling me?
A: Your incoming calls are handled by your landline provider. eUmbrella Corporation is not involved.

Q: What happens if there is a problem with the RichReach Fixed Telephony Service?
A: Your existing landline provider is always available as an alternative. For PABX devices, we recommend you configure a second key to make calls with your existing landline provider


Q: Are there any registration or monthly fees?
A: No, you only pay for the calls you make.

Q: Is there any commitment like a minimum period?
A: No. You can stop calling from RichReach at any time.

Q: How can I check that you are not cheating me?
A: Login to your RichReach Telephony Web Account to view your Call Statement.
  Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure no unauthorised person has access and/or is able to use your landline device.


Q: What happens if I cannot make a telephone call?
A: Your existing landline is used to connect you with RichReach. If you face a problem placing a call it can be due to several reasons:
  1) If you cannot make any calls (via both from RichReach and your landline provider) there might a problem with your telephone device or landline or your landline provider faces a problem in your area. Try:
    a) Using a different telephone device. If the second device works then your device might not operate properly (if it is a cordless phone it might need to be charge).
    b) Calling your landline from your mobile phone. If it does not ring, the landline faces a problem.
    c) If your landline connection is provided through a box (ex: a modem), turn it off for a minute, turn it on and try calling again.
    d) Call your landline provider help centre to check your landline.
  2) If you can call some numbers there might be a problem with the destination number. Try again later or Contact Us to investigate.
  3) If you cannot make any calls through RichReach but you can call through your telephone line provider:
    a) Your RichReach Telephony Wallet balance may have run out. You can find out by logging in your RichReach Telephony Web Account.
    b) The configuration of your device might have been reset.