Fixed Telephony

Fixed Telephony

About the RichReach Telephony services

The Telephony services is a core part of the RichReach Platform and is available to corporate and retail clients. In addition to normal local and international calls, the RichReach Telephony systems can be used to place Teleconference Calls, Group Calls and contact the eUmbrella Partners.

There are No Activation Fees and No Set-Up Fees. No commitment is required. You are charged only for the calls you place through the RichReach Platform.

If you would like to use the RR Telephony services, you must have an active telephone connection (monthly or prepaid). There is no need to change your telephone number or telephony service provider. You can use both RichReach and your traditional telephone connection at the same time. It is up to you to choose with whom you would like to place your call. This allows you to receive both the RichReach discounted prices and the benefits of your traditional telephone connection (ex: free local minutes).

To offer you the best possible quality at the lowest cost, RichReach is connected with well known, highly reliable local and international telephony networks. Your RichReach calls are routed via the network that offers the best call quality and the most direct connection to the destination number. In addition, every destination is supported by more than one network. In the remote case a network is not able to support a call, the call is routed through an alternative network to ensure your call is successful.

The RichReach Fixed Telephony service

The Fixed Telephony service of eUmbrella Corporation offers you the choice to make some or all your telephone calls (local and international) through the RichReach Platform. The service is currently available only in Cyprus.

Adopt the RichReach Fixed Telephony service for All your Calls

By choosing to make all your telephone calls through eUmbrella Corporation you can receive the RR Fixed Telephony benefits without having to change your habits. Just pick up your telephone and dial the destination number.

The service activation process is as follows:
  1) Register your telephone numbers at the RichReach Platform. If you are connecting over the internet, your static IP or a username/password is requested.
  2) eUmbrella Corporation will review your application
  3) Once your application is approved, we will contact you to assist you configure your telephone device / PABX to connect with the RR telephony systems (1)
  4) Start making calls (2)

RichReach supports Fixed Telephony through both traditional networks (landline) and over the internet (VoIP - SIP) (3).

1) The many telephone devices available in the market, each having its own telephony software, makes the RR Fixed Telephony activation more complicated than Mobile Telephony (just install the RichReach App). Please contact us for further details. Your PABX supplier may be asked to get involved in the process.
2) You may need to Top Up your RR Telephony Wallet before you can make calls.
3) To minimise implementation complexities, eUmbrella Corporation recommends the Fixed Telephony over the internet (VoIP - SIP) connection method.

Adopt the RichReach Fixed Telephony service for Some of your Calls

With the RichReach Calling Card service you can decide when to place a call with RichReach. To make a RR call, dial the toll free 80040800 and follow the instructions. To easily Top Up your RR Telephony Wallet ask for one of our prepaid vouchers "Cover Cash" and "Hello Calling Card" at kiosks and other points of sale that offer the Mobee Payment Service.

Fixed or Mobile RichReach Telephony services?

To receive the full features and benefits of the RichReach Telephony services and to also view the Rich Content of the RR Platform, eUmbrella Corporation recommends installing the RichReach Application on your smartphone. For more information please visit the Mobile Telephony service.