eMarketing FAQ

eMarketing - eOffers - Frequently Asked Questions

Service Availability

Q: Where is the eMarketing service available?
A: It is currently available only in Cyprus. We have plans to release the RichReach Application and Platform internationally.

Q: I am visiting Cyprus. Can i install the RichReach App on my smart phone with a non-Cypriot SIM to find nearby Offers ?
A: Unfortunately, the RR App does not currently support non-Cypriot SIM cards. You can buy a prepaid SIM from kiosks and other Points of Sale at a low cost.
  If you have a dual SIM smartphone device you can use both SIMs at the same time.
  Please be aware that data charges when using the RR App can be expensive when roaming. Prefer to use wifi instead.

eMarketing - eOffers Information

Q: Some of the Offers are not valid. Are you trying to cheat me?
A: Just like any other advertising method, eMarketing - eOffers of the RichReach Platform is a portal connecting supply and demand. eUmbrella Corporation cannot verify the correctness of the published eOffers and is not responsible if they are incorrect.
  App users / customers:
   a) Please click on an Offer to view the full information including Terms & Conditions
   b) Please contact the seller to request clarification or report the incorrect Offer
   c) If a seller keeps publishing invalid Offer please Contact Us (or send us a message through the RichReach Application) to investigate
  eMarketing Sellers:
   a) Please provide the maximum possible information for every Offer to keep your customers and business partners well informed.
   b) Please update an Offer when its details have changed.
   c) Please remove an Offer when it is no longer valid

Q: One of the eOffers is offensive. What can I do?
A: Please Contact Us (or send us a message through the RichReach Application) to investigate

Q: One of the eOffers sellers is not who it says it is. Someone is pretending to be me. What can I do?
A: Please Contact Us (or send us a message through the RichReach Application) to investigate.


Q: How is the eMarketing service billed?
A: The eMarketing service is chargeable on a monthly basis. Please Contact Us to give you a personalised quote.

Q: How about RichReach App users?
A: Viewing eOffers is free.
  However, the RR App users should be aware of data charges since internet is used to retrieve the available Offers. Also, communicating with a seller (voice, text etc) may have a cost.

Related Services

Q: How will the Interactive Events and Business Communications RichReach services relate to eMarketing - eOffers
A: The 3 RichReach services are available on their own and can also interact with each other.
  All 3 services use the same RR App presence, Points of Sale, Categories and Brands
  Competitions and Promotions can be used to incentivise your customers and business partners to Opt-In to you at the RichReach App.
  With Campaigns you can notify those who have Opted-In to you to participate in your Surveys.
  You can create your communication subjects (Business Communications) to enable your customers and business partners to communicate from the RichReach App.