About eUmbrella Corporation.

About eUmbrella Corporation

Our Vision

To connect the World through a Symbiotic Exchange Communications Platform,
attempting to operate in a similar pattern as the human mindset.

Our Mission

To use, upgrade and enhance the latest technologies and tools
in order to implement a Symbiotic Exchange Experience.

Our Marketing Position Statement

To provide our clients with an array of
intercommunicating integrated services (symbiotic exchange)
at a discount to competitive offerings
and with substantial additional value added attributes.

Our Company

eUmbrella Corporation is a cutting edge software company that provides a number of related and unrelated interconnected interactive e- and m- services to corporate and retail clients at very competitive charge rates over a common Symbiotic Exchange platform that we call the Communicating Revenue Vessels business model (CRVbm). Our services are available to the public by the multifunction RichReach Software Platform and the multifunction RichReach Application for smart devices.

About RichReach (RR)

The Technology Software Platform RichReach:
  ✔  assists Businesses (of any size and type) to Promote and Communicate their Rich Content to their customers (and other parties) in an Interactive and fun way,
  ✔  offers the RR App users a wide range of FREE Content and Functionalities that makes the RR App a tool used on a daily basis,
  ✔  can operate globally to connect the world.

Creating Value for our Stakeholders

eUmbrella Corporation has invested heavily in the RichReach Software Platform to release a unique tool available to any client in any market. With RR we create value to our stakeholders by:
  ✔  Offering a multi-function Application - "One Stop Shop"
  ✔  Creating a unique experience for both Businesses and Individuals
  ✔  Adopting the latest technologies to offer the best experience and the best quality at a low cost
  ✔  Continually enhancing RichReach with new applications - services, features and systems
  ✔  Developing new ideas and concepts
  ✔  Maximising Return on Investment of both shareholders and clients