About RichReach

The RichReach Software Platform

The RichReach Software Platform is a collection of software applications operating on computing resources (cloud environment) and supported by specialised equipment. All the parts of the Platform operate independently and together to deliver Interactive Rich Content.

Although the services, systems and features of RichReach intercommunicate (are connected), they can be categorised into the following groups:
  1) The Universal Content Applications where any Business can publish its Rich Content which is available to anyone. Some of our Universal Content Applications are: eMarketing / eOffers, Interactive Events and Information Services.
  2) The Industry Specific Content Applications meet specific requirements of a specific industry sector or occupation.
  3) The Communication Services enable two or more parties to communicate through voice and text. They are a core part of the RR Platform and supplement all other services.
  4) With the Payments Services you can Top Up your account.
  5) The RichReach Account contains your information and preferences so that you can view the RichReach Content and use RichReach Applications and Services. Such information are requested only when required by a RichReach Service, System or Functionality that you wish to use. Examples of such information are: personal, security, products/services (for Businesses only).

RichReach can be connected with Point of Sale and ERP systems to automate many administrative and support tasks. by using this feature, you can spend more time with your customers and promoting your Business.

You can interact with RichReach through:
  •  The RichReach Application available for smart devices with a SIM card (currently in Cyprus only). It can be downloaded from the Android and iOS Application Stores. At the RR App, you can view Rich Content published by Businesses and interact with them. You can also use our retail services such as telephony and administer your RR account.
  •  The RichReach Web Portal is available to Businesses. Here you can create Content to publish at the RichReach Application (ex: eOffers, information) and also view Analytics and Statistics.

The RR services, systems and features operate on their own and together. They connect Businesses (supply) and their customers and partners (demand) which transforms the RichReach Application into an interactive tool used on a daily basis.

RichReach is available for individuals, companies, shops, schools, government departments, professionals, self-employed and many other parties.


eUmbrella Corporation takes your privacy seriously:
  ✔  Use the RichReach App at your own time and convenience
  ✔  You can choose to Opt-In to the Content that interests you and Opt-Out when you do not wish to be notified
  ✔  RichReach requests information about you only when required to use an application or service
  ✔  It is deployed on popular database systems to maximise the security of your information
  ✔  RR does NOT store sensitive information (such as Visa/MasterCard details) and instead such tasks are performed by external solutions that are expert, reliable, secure and proven in their fields