Group Call FAQ

Group Call - Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I Activate the Group Call service?
A: Group Call is part of the Telephony services. Download the RichReach App on you Smart Phone Device, select "Contacts" from the "Telephony Menu" and Start a Group Call.

Q: Can I test the Group Call before committing?
A: No commitment is required. Group Call is part of the RichReach Telephony services that also require no commitment.

Q: At which countries do you offer the Group Call service?
A: Currently, it is only available to Cypriot RichReach clients.

The Group Call

Q: Some of the participants do not live in Cyprus. Can they join my Group Call?
A: A Group Call places normal calls to multiple destinations/participants. Therefore, there is no restriction on the location of a participant.

Q: Can I call a number not in my contact list?
A: Not currently. This feature will be added in a future update of the RichReach App.

Q: How does a participant join the Group Call?
A: After you select the participants and start Group Call, RichReach will call each participant. The participants will see your telephone number to know that you are calling them. Once they answer and hear the welcome message, they will be connected to the teleconference room and you can start talking.

Q: A participant has not joined the Group Call. What went wrong?
A: The participant may not be available to answer his/her phone to take part.


Q: Is there a way to share the cost of the call with the other participants?
A: The organiser/initiator is always charged with the cost of the call. If you regularly communicate with the same individuals with Group Call you can take turns in initiating a Group Call.

Q: Why does it cost 20% more than a normal call?
A: To enable you to speak with multiple parties at the same time, a teleconference room is created by specialised equipment and software. Therefore, the Group Call rate is higher than a normal RichRach call but it is lower than a traditional teleconference call.
 Although, at first glance, the Group Call rates are more expensive than a normal RichReach call, the RichReach discounted pricing model can be less expensive than the single call rates of your mobile telephone provider (who may not offer a similar service to the Group Call).


Q: During a Group Call with many participants, sometimes it is not possible to distinguish who is speaking. The voices of some participants are louder than others and sometimes there are strange noises. Is there a way to improve such situations?
A: The RichReach teleconference systems are configured to provide the best possible call quality. Some recommendations you and the participants can adopt to improve a Group Call are as follows:
  a) Do not use the loud speaker
  b) Avoid locations with noise, close the doors and windows and turn off or reduce the volume of any nearby devices
  c) Someone who speaks loudly can try to reduce the telephone device‚Äôs microphone volume or increase his/her distance from the phone
  d) You can set some basic rules like each person waiting for his/her turn before speaking and no interruptions.

Q: I have used the Teleconference service and I have some comments I would like to bring to your attention.
A: You can Contact Us. We are always looking ways to improve RichReach and offer you the best possible experience.