RichReach Application Privacy Policy

RichReach Application - Privacy Policy


"eUmbrella", "we", "us" and/or "our" refers to eUmbrella Corporation (International) Public Ltd, eUmbrella Corporation (CY) Ltd and any other member of the eUmbrella Corporation group of companies, as described at the eUmbrella Corporation Group. It can also refer to any employee of the eUmbrella Corporation group of companies.

"RichReach" and/or "RR" refers to the RichReach Application and the RichReach Software Platform.

"You" and "your" refers to any individual and/or legal entity and/or special type organisation that registers and has a client account with RichReach to use the RichReach services and/or to use the RichReach Application.


During the use of the RichReach Application we collect and store information to provide the best possible service to you. Please be assured that we respect your privacy and take all possible steps to safeguard it. Please read this Privacy Policy, so that you understand what information we collect, what we do with it and why. Please also read our other Privacy Policies and Terms & Conditions that may concern you when you download and use of the RichReach App and when you use the RichReach services.

This RichReach Application Privacy Policy was last updated on 20/12/2016.

Scope and Consent

By downloading and using the RichReach Application, you give us consent to collect, use, disclose and store your personal information, your preferences and other information you provide us. Additionally, when using the RichReach services, you give us consent to collect and store your activity during the use of RR.

By agreeing to this RichReach Application Privacy Policy, you also agree to other Privacy Policies and Terms & Conditions that relate to the RichReach Application.

If you have any questions or require any clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you do not agree with this RichReach Application Privacy Policy and/or other Privacy Policies and Terms & Conditions that relate to the RichReach Application, please do not download the RichReach Application, uninstall it if you have already downloaded it and do not use it.

Information We Collect

First of all, we ask for your personal information only when required to use the RichReach services. When you use RR, RR may store your selections and interactions on the RR servers to assist us enrich your RR experience. The exchange of information between the RichReach Application can be automatic or manual (synchronized information).

When you Register & Log-in

When you first download the RichReach Application we request your mobile telephone number to create your RichReach Account. Your RichReach Account has a unique number but the primary identification number is your mobile telephone number.

When you reinstall RR (ex: on a new device or after resetting your device), RR requests again your mobile telephone number and retrieves your information, selections and preferences to continue using RR.

You must keep your mobile telephone device safe and always with you. If you change your mobile telephone number, give it to someone else or if you lose it, you should contact us to close your account. We are not responsible if an unauthorized person gets hold of your mobile telephone device and accesses your RichReach information.

When you Use RichReach

We store information about some of your interactions with RR (activity, history, statements) to provide you with detailed reporting and logs and provide you with a personalized service.

When you Opt-In

With Opt-Ins you customize your account profile. Opt-Ins can take the form of Preferences, Favorites, Blocked, Shopping List and others. For example:
  1) You can add a contact telephone number to your favorites to easily find it.
  2) You can block a contact telephone number not to be notified when it calls you.
  3) You can add an item to your Shopping list to easily find it.

By Opting-In you give RR your consent to contact you (ex: In-App notifications) and provide you with information regarding your Opt-Ins (ex: news).

When you Make RichReach Telephone Calls

RR accesses your device’s Contacts to make it easier to place RR calls and to offer the Magic Search feature. We do not store your Contacts at the RR servers.

About Your Contacts

  1) You can place telephone calls with RR. Some RR telephone calls are not free. Just like any other telephony provider, the RR telephony systems store information about the telephone calls your make with RR in order to correctly charge you. At the RR call statement you can view information of the telephone calls you placed with RR. We do not record your telephone conversations.
  2) To offer you faster dialing and connection to a destination, the RR telephony systems identify your 99 top RR destinations and make them your personal Quick Numbers.
  3) RR accesses your device’s call log so as you can call a number in your call log with RR. RR updates your call log to include calls placed with RR and give you a complete call history.

When You Make a Payment

We only request and store your personal and sensitive information that will allow us to process your payment(s). You must not use personal and sensitive information of a third party to make a payment without the third party’s prior approval.

Some of your payments may be processed with the assistance of a third party system (ex: credit card). We would like to assure you that we only partner with well-known and reliable companies that have secure and private systems and are holders of the required licenses and certificates to operate in their fields (ex: banking license, ISO certificates). Our payment processing partners may request from you personal and sensitive information so they can process your RR payments. If when you make a RR payment, you have doubts about the security and legitimacy of the payment processor who will process your payment, please contact us to assist you.

Keeping your Information Correct and Up-to-Date

You must always provide RR with your correct and up to date information. We are not responsible if you cannot receive the full benefits of RR when you provide RR with wrong information. We reserve the right to disable your account if you provide RR with wrong information with the intention of accessing content not intended for you.

You can update your personal information, selections and preferences through the RichReach Application, through the RichReach web account and by contacting us.

Your Location

Your location may be requested or automatically retrieved in order for RR to operate. Examples:
  1) When you register we identify your country from your mobile telephone number in order to offer you the RR services, features and systems available for your location and to correctly invoice you for the RR services you use.
  2) When you enable Roaming, we will identify the country you are visiting so you can make roaming calls.
  3) Some RR features may access your device’s GPS locator and sent your GPS locations to our system to provide you with information you have requested (businesses located nearby your location).

Information about your Device

In order for you to be able to view the rich content of RR and to use the RR services, RR interacts with your device, your device’s operating system (ex: check for internet connection) and other applications (ex: Contacts Book). During this interaction RR will collect only the information required for you to use RR.

Some of the device information that RR collects may be stored at the RR servers. Examples:
  1) RR version to recommend an update,
  2) your device’s manufacturer, model and operating system version to recommend something that can improve your RR experience,
  3) your telephone number or your internet protocol address when you make an RR call.

Error Codes & Troubleshooting

If an RR error is incurred, RR may sent to and store at the RR servers the error details and other information relating to the error (your activity, device information). This information can assist us to identify why and where the error occurred and to take corrective actions so as not to happen again.

Who We Do with Your Information

Storing and Retaining your Information

When you register with RR, RR creates your RR account. In your RR account we store your personal information, selections and activity.

  1) Storing your Information:
    •  Some information RR collects is stored for as long as you use RR.
    •  Some information RR collects is stored for a specific time period and then is deleted.
    •  If you stop using RR for a long period of time, we may terminate your RR account. In this case, if you come back, you will have to register again, a new RR account is created and you will not be able to access all your previous information.
    •  Sensitive information like passwords is encrypted so the information is scrambled and non-readable.

  2) Deleting and Backing Up your Information:
    •  We backup the information stored at the RR servers on a regular basis.
    •  Deleted information may be backed-up before they are deleted.
    •  The time period each type of information is kept before it is deleted is based on the applicable legislations and regulations and on recommended data deletion practices.
    •  The time period the RR backups are kept before they are deleted is based on the applicable legislations and regulations and on recommended data backup practices.

Security and Privacy of your Information

RR uses well-known widely-adopted technologies and tools to safeguard the security and privacy of your information from unauthorized access.

You must keep your mobile telephone device safe and always with you. In case you change your mobile telephone number, give it to someone else or if you lose it, you should contact us to close your account. We are not responsible if an unauthorized person gets hold of your mobile telephone device and accesses your RichReach information.

Statistics & Reports

We prepare a number of statistics and reports about RichReach that are based on the information and activity of our registered clients. These statistics and reports assist us to review the performance of RR, to support the increasing requirements of our clients, to improve our clients’ RR experience, to identify areas of improvement, to comply with financial, tax and legal requirements and for other reasons.

When you Contact Us

When you contact us, we first need to confirm your identity and your RR account. If we cannot confirm your identity, we will not be able to assist you.

Communication with You through RichReach

  1) In App Notifications
    •  Based on your RR activity, selections and preferences, you may receive notifications through the RichReach App. Amongst other subject, In App Notifications can be for:
    •  Information about your RR account (ex: Top Ups)
    •  eUmbrella News
    •  News and Information relating to your Opt-Ins, activity and preferences
    •  Communication from parties that you aren’t Opt-In with, but you have given them your personal information to communicate with you

  2) SMS Notifications
  RichReach may send you SMS messages with RichReach information including:
    •  Verification of your Registration and Login
    •  Account Information and Updates

  3) Email Communication
  RR and eUmbrella may communicate with you by email to provide you with information such as:
    •  Confirmation of your Top Ups
    •  Your RR Invoices
    •  Our News

  4) Telephone Communication
  We may contact you at any time with a telephone call regarding your account including:
    •  to respond to a request to contact you,
    •  to assist you to use RR.

Sharing Your Information with Third Parties

If a real person needs to access your information (specific or part of statistics), that person has received the necessary authorizations to access the information. In all cases, we will only disclose the minimum information the third party has to have and avoid disclosing very personal and sensitive information. We also request the advice of our lawyers.

The personnel of eUmbrella Corporation group of companies will access and view your information to assist you or to perform his/her job duties.

Partners of eUmbrella Corporation (ex: payment processing partners) may be given specific information about you in order to complete an RR activity.

We may share your information with a third party to assist you:
  1) access the rich content of RR (ex: private content),
  2) use the RR services (ex: when you call someone the destination sees the call is from your telephone number),
  3) interact with the third party (anonymous communications are prohibited),
  4) complete one of your RR requests (credit card payment through a third party payment processing system).

We may inform a third party (ex: that has sent to you a news message) about the result of their communication with you.

We may disclose your information to law enforcement, governmental agencies, or authorized third-parties, in response to a verified request relating to terror acts, criminal investigations or alleged illegal activity or any other activity that may expose us, you, or any other RR user to legal liability.

We may prepare non-personal statistics that include your activity and/or profile information and send them to third parties for a number of reasons including to comply with legislations and regulations.

Other Privacy Matters

Privacy of Underage Individuals

Underage individuals who would like to download and use RichReach must first receive their parents’ or guardians’ approval. Before accessing RR content invented for adults, RR will request from you your birthdate and store it at the RR systems. However, neither RR nor us can verify your age without you visiting us at one of our locations. We are not responsible if you provide RR with wrong information about your age with the intention to access content not available to underage individuals.

Content published at RR and communicated between Parties through RR

RR is also a portal connecting demand and supply and enabling communication between two or more parties. Examples:
  •  Advertisement of Products and Services.
  •  Information about a Business.
  •  Making Telephone Calls.
  •  Notifications

We are not responsible for the correctness of the content published at RR and we do not monitor the communication between parties through RR. If you find content or communication offensive and/or inappropriate and/or incorrect, you can contact us to investigate.

Links to Third-Party Content

RR may contain links to third party content such as websites, social media, GPS locations and other communication channels. We are not responsible for the correctness of the links, and the content, security and privacy policies of the third party content.


Cookies and related technologies are small files that are stored on a device and are used to remember your registered login information, keep track of your activity, help you resume where you left off, theme selection, preferences, and other customization functions. RichReach uses Cookies to enhance your interaction with RR and to assist you avoid repetitive actions (ex: login). If you block Cookies on your device, you may not be able to enjoy the full RR experience.