eUmbrella RichReach eMarketing Terms & Conditions

eMarketing - Terms & Conditions


"eUmbrella", "we", "us" and/or "our" refers to eUmbrella Corporation (International) Public Ltd, eUmbrella Corporation (CY) Ltd and any other member of the eUmbrella Corporation group of companies, as described at the eUmbrella Corporation Group. It can also refer to any employee of the eUmbrella Corporation group of companies.

"RichReach" and/or "RR" refers to the RichReach Application and the RichReach Software Platform.

"RR Content" and/or "Content" refers to content and information published by eUmbrella and/or its Clients and is available at RichReach.

"RichReach Service" or "RR Service" or "Service" refers to any service that is available to the Clients through their RichReach Account.

"eMarketing" or "RR eMarketing" refers to the RichReach eMarketing service as described at eMarketing description.

"eMarketing Content" refers to the information you create, store and/or publish when you use the eMarketing service.

"eOffer" refers to Content published with the eMarketing service and can refer to Products, Services, Discounts, Promotions and any other available eMarketing Content type.

"Websites" refers to any websites and urls used and/or owned by eUmbrella including and any websites that are used for the provision of eUmbrella services. It also refers to any other interfaces used to access information and services of eUmbrella.

"Client" refers to any party that has registered with RichReach and has a RichReach Account to use the RichReach Application and/or the RichReach Services. A Client that is a Legal Entity is represented by the legally responsible party(ies) as per the relevant registration of the legal entity’s country of incorporation.

"Business" refers to any Client that uses eMarketing and RichReach to promote its eOffers.

"RR Account" refers to the unique RichReach identity of each Client.

"RR Information" refers to the Client’s information and activity stored at the RR Account.

"RR User" refers to an Individual who has downloaded and is using the RichReach Application.

At the "Wallet(s)" or "Financial Wallet(s)" the financial activity of the Client is available. A Client can have one or more Financial Wallets depending on the Services activated and used by the Client.

About these Terms and Conditions

We encourage you to review these Terms and Conditions carefully and to periodically refer to them so that you understand them and their subsequent changes. We reserve the right to change these Terms and Conditions with immediate effect and if possible notify you. Please also refer to the eMarketing description for general information about the eMarketing service.

We may request you to agree to other Terms and Conditions and/or Privacy Policies during your use of RichReach and our Websites. Nevertheless, it is recommended that you review all Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies of eUmbrella Corporation and RichReach. Please also read the RichReach General Terms & Conditions and the RichReach Smart Device View Terms & Conditions.

These Terms and Conditions have been last updated on 29/12/2016.

Your Consent

Welcome to the RichReach eMarketing service. If you decide to register for and use the eMarketing service, you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following Terms and Conditions, the RichReach - General Terms & Conditions and/or the RichReach Smart Device View Terms & Conditions. If you disagree with any part of these Terms and Conditions, the RichReach - General Terms & Conditions and/or the RichReach Smart Device View Terms & Conditions please do not register with eMarketing service or stop using the eMarketing service.

About the eMarketing Service

Your Products and Services

For every product/service you create, you are responsible to:
  •  Provide complete and correct information to best describe your product/service.
  •  Update the information of your product/service when it has changed.
  •  Discontinue a product/service that is no longer available.

Your eOffers

For every eOffer you create and publish, you are responsible to:
  •  Provide complete and correct information to best describe your eOffer and its availability.
  •  State any Terms and Conditions of your eOffer.
  •  Select the correct group(s) of Recipients if the eOffer is private.
  •  Remove the eOffer when it is no longer valid.

You must not use offensive and inappropriate words and words you are not authorized to use (such as Trademarks).

For every eOffer RichReach will publish it on its publication date or when you manually select to publish it. RichReach will remove an eOffer after its expiry date.

We are not responsible to verify the correctness of your eOffers. We will not respond to any complaints received from RR Users relating to the correctness of eOffers. However, if a considerable number of complaints are received relating to your eOffers, we have the right to cancel any and/or all published eOffers and/or suspend the eMarketing service of your RR Account.

Your Campaigns

You can notify your customers and business partners (Recipients) about new eOffers you publish through campaigns. RR Users (included in your Recipient groups and/or who have Opted-In your Business) will receive the notification through the App. You can sent a traditional SMS message to Recipients who have not yet downloaded the RichReach Application. Traditional SMS messages are chargeable.

Your Private eOffers

You can create private eOffers that are only viewable by the Recipients you select. When you create a private eOffer, you can select the Recipients who can view it during the Campaign creation and notification stage. You should not create a Campaign with public and private eOffers at the same time to avoid mixing the Recipients. Recipients who are not RR Users will have to download the RichReach Application.

Your Categories, Brands and Suppliers

You can create Categories and Brands to provide more information about your products/services. You can create Suppliers to easily find your products/services (they are not viewable by your customers and business partners). To make it easier for your customers and business partners to find your products/services, you should use common words that easily describe your products/services (ex.: fish, jeans, car). You can create multiple levels of Categories for general and specific searches.


You can publish your eMarketing Content in multiple languages. It is recommended that you use your local language and an internationally adopted one (ex: English) to ensure you will interact with a wide range of RR Users and to maximize your sales. We are not responsible if a RR User’s device does not support the language(s) you use to publish your eMarketing Content.

Your Recipients

Recipients are your customers and business partners. You can create Recipient groups with their contact details. You can create multiple groups to categorize your Recipients and easily find them. You can add a Recipient in multiple groups. You should regularly maintain and update the Recipient groups to ensure they are correct.

When you create a Campaign and select multiple Recipient groups, a Recipient that is included in multiple Recipient groups will receive your Campaign notification only once.

Every Recipient must have authorized you to use his/her personal information to contact him/her. You must not add a Recipient that has not authorized you to contact him/her in a Recipient group. You are responsible for any and all matters relating to Personal Information Privacy laws and regulations.

Sharing of eMarketing Information between RichReach Services

RichReach integrates multiple services at one location. RR Information you provide to RichReach to create and publish your eMarketing Content can be available to use at other RichReach Services also.

eMarketing Financial Information

You will be charged for the eMarketing service based on the general eMarketing service pricing policies and/or based on the volume of your eMarketing Content and/or based on the personalized eMarketing quote we have given you. We may change the eMarketing service charging policies at any time and without notice. We may review the personalized eMarketing quote we have given you based on your eMarketing Content and activity.

eUmbrella may provide you with a credit limit or a discount for the eMarketing service or a discount for all RichReach Services. You should regularly review the available amount of your eMarekting Wallet to ensure you have a sufficient amount to continue publishing your eOffers. If the available amount of your eMarketing Wallet becomes negative:
  •  you may not be allowed to access the eMarketing service, and/or
  •  RR may un-publish your eOffers and/or Smart Device View.

You can Top-Up your eMarketing Wallet to continue using the eMarketing service and publish your eOffers.

During the use of eMarketing, you may use other RR Services. They may need to be activated and they may have their own Financial Terms & Conditions that you should read.


You must not use the eMarketing service or RichReach in a way that can damage eUmbrella, for fraudulent purposes, or to willingly or unwillingly perform a criminal offence or other unlawful activity, or to cause annoyance or inconvenience to eUmbrella, a RichReach Client or any other party.

eUmbrella is not liable for any inconvenience and/or annoyance and/or damages caused to a third party when you publish incorrect and/or misleading eMarketing Content, either deliberately or unintentionally.

Governing Law

Unauthorized use of RichReach, your RichReach Account and the RichReach eMarketing service may give rise to a claim for damages and/or be a criminal offence. Your use of RichReach, your RichReach Account and the RichReach eMarketing service and any dispute arising out of such use of RichReach, your RichReach Account and the RichReach eMarketing service is subject to the laws of Cyprus.