eUmbrella RichReach Smart Device View

Smart Device View - Terms & Conditions


"eUmbrella", "we", "us" and/or "our" refers to eUmbrella Corporation (International) Public Ltd, eUmbrella Corporation (CY) Ltd and any other member of the eUmbrella Corporation group of companies, as described at the eUmbrella Corporation Group. It can also refer to any employee of the eUmbrella Corporation group of companies.

"RichReach" and/or "RR" refers to the RichReach Application and the RichReach Software Platform.

"RR Content" and/or "Content" refers to content and information published by eUmbrella and/or its Clients and is available at RichReach.

"RichReach Service" or "RR Service" or "Service" refers to any service that is available to the Clients through their RichReach Account.

"Websites" refers to any websites and urls used and/or owned by eUmbrella including and any websites that are used for the provision of eUmbrella services. It also refers to any other interfaces used to access information and services of eUmbrella.

"Client" refers to any party that has registered with RichReach and has a RichReach Account to use the RichReach Application and/or the RichReach Services. A Client that is a Legal Entity is represented by the legally responsible party(ies) as per the relevant registration of the legal entity’s country of incorporation.

"Business" refers to any Client that uses eMarketing and RichReach to promote its eOffers.

"Business Information" refers to the information the Client has provided to RichReach for the party’s Smart Device View(s).

"RR Account" refers to the unique RichReach identity of each Client.

"RR Information" refers to the Client’s information and activity stored at the RR Account.

"RR User" refers to an Individual who has downloaded and is using the RichReach Application.

At the "Wallet(s)" or "Financial Wallet(s)" the financial activity of the Client is available. A Client can have one or more Financial Wallets depending on the Services activated and used by the Client.

About these Terms & Conditions

We encourage you to review these Terms and Conditions carefully and to periodically refer to them so that you understand them and their subsequent changes. We reserve the right to change these Terms and Conditions with immediate effect and if possible notify you.

The Smart Device View is required for Businesses who would like to publish their Content on RichReach. These Terms and Conditions must be studied together with the Terms and Conditions of the RichReach Services that use the Smart Device Views to publish the RR Content. Therefore, it is recommended that you review all Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies of eUmbrella Corporation and RichReach.

These Terms and Conditions have been last updated on 29/12/2016.

Your Consent

Welcome to the RichReach Smart Device View. If you decide to create and publish your Smart Device View, you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following Terms and Conditions, the RichReach General Terms & Conditions (Link) and the RichReach Application Privacy Policy (Link). If you disagree with any part of these Terms and Conditions, the RichReach General Terms & Conditions and/or the RichReach Application Privacy Policy please do not create and publish your Smart Device View.

About your Smart Device View

Your Choices for Smart Device View

You can select one of the following categories to create and publish your Smart Device View: your Company, your Points of Sales, your Brands or your Categories. You are responsible to have the proper authorizations before you create and publish your selected Smart Device View (i.e. be the authorized representative of a brand). You can create more than one Smart Device View.

We have the right to delete your Smart Device View if you are not authorized to use your selected Smart Device View, and even suspend your access to the Smart Device View feature and/or access to your RR Account.

Your Business Information

Your Smart Device View is your mini website at the RichReach Application. You are responsible to:
  •  Select the business/occupation sector and business/occupation type that is applicable to you and best describes your operations and/or the products/services you sell.
  •  Provide complete and correct information to best describe your Business.
  •  Provide complete and correct contact information.
  •  Provide valid and active links to external content.
  •  Update your RR Information when it has changed.

You must not use offensive and inappropriate words and words you are not authorized to use (such as Trademarks).


You can publish some of your Business Information in multiple languages. Where you can only publish Content in a single language, prefer to use an internationally adopted language (ex: English). Where you can add translations, prefer an internationally adopted language and your local language so as you can interact with a wide range of RR Users. We are not responsible if a RR User’s device does not support a language of your Business Information.

Your Business Opt-Ins

RR Users have the option to Opt-In to and Opt-Out from your Business. Opt-In RR Users will receive notification from you when you create a Notification Campaign to inform the publication of new Content.

Smart Device View Financial Information

On the date of these Terms and Conditions, there is no charge for creating and publishing your Smart Device View(s)


You must not use the Smart Device View or RichReach in a way that can damage eUmbrella, for fraudulent purposes, or to willingly or unwillingly perform a criminal offence or other unlawful activity, or to cause annoyance or inconvenience to eUmbrella, a RichReach Client or any other party.

eUmbrella is not liable for any inconvenience and/or annoyance and/or damages caused to a third party due to you publishing incorrect and/or misleading eMarketing Content, either deliberately and unintentionally.

You are responsible for any and all damages caused when you create and publish a Smart Device View you are not authorized to represent.

Governing Law

Unauthorized use of RichReach, your RichReach Account and the RichReach Smart Device View may give rise to a claim for damages and/or be a criminal offence. Your use of RichReach, your RichReach Account and the RichReach Smart Device View and any dispute arising out of such use of RichReach, your RichReach Account and the RichReach Smart Device View is subject to the laws of Cyprus.