Cover Cash Payments

Pay with Cover Cash

Topping Up with Cover Cash

Cover Cash is eUmbrella Corporation’s electronic money (e-money) prepaid cash voucher. It is the easiest RichReach Payment method to use:
  ✔  Available at many locations
  ✔  Different denominations for different needs. Buy Cover Cash vouchers from €3 up to €250. Combine multiple values to meet your budget.
  ✔  Secure: Enter the Cover Cash PIN and Top Up RichReach
  ✔  Anonymous: No personal information requested

You can Top Up with Cover Cash at the RichReach Application.


You can buy Cover Cash of the following values:

  €3   €5   €10   €20   €50   €100   €150   €250

Where to Buy

Cover Cash is currently available only in Cyprus.

The Mobee Payments System is available at many kiosks and other points of sale in Cyprus. In addition to Cover Cash, at the Mobee locations you can also find the "Hello Calling Card" used for the RR Calling Card Mobile Telephony.

If you are unsure which stores sell Cover Cash, ask at a store that sell Top Up Vouchers for traditional prepaid mobile telephony.