Other Payment Methods

Other Payment Methods

eUmbrella Corporation supports the following traditional methods to Top Up your RichReach Financial Wallets:

Bank Transfer
Transfer from your bank account to one of the bank accounts of eUmbrella Corporation.

Bank Deposit
Make a deposit to one of our bank accounts.

You can issue a cheque and post it to our mail address. For fast processing you can deposit it at one of our bank accounts.

1) Please include your identification information (ex: your RichReach Barcode) at the payment description or on the back of the cheque so that we can easily identify you
2) When Toping Up using the above methods, the amount is not immediately available at your RichReach Account. We need to first receive your payment (amount in our bank account, cheque received).
3) The above payment methods will be released at the RichReach where you can find relevant information (ex: our bank accounts) and where you can record a payment after you have made it. RichReah will notify us so as to expect your payment.