Payments FAQ

Payment Methods Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I am Toping Up my RR Account. Can I use the amount for multiple RR services?
A: Yes, you will be prompted to allocate the amount between your Financial Wallets.

Q: I made a payment but the amount has not yet been credited to my RichReach Account. Why?
A: Some payments are not immediately processed. Direct Debit payments need to be approved by your bank, we need to recieve your cheque.
  It is recommended that you make non-instant payments well before one of your balance is expected to run out.
  These payments appear at "Pending & Failed Payments" until they are processed.

Q: What are: Pending Payments?
A: These are payments you have made but haven't completed yet (ex: Direct Debits) or will need to be authorised by us (ex: Bank transfer/deposit, cheque).

Q: Can I stop a Payment?
A: A Payment can be stoped if it has not yet been processed. To stop a Pending Payment, open one and select the "Stop Payment" option.
  Please note that once the processing of a payment starts (a Direct Debit payment forwarded to your bank for approval) it cannot be cancelled.

Q: What are: Failed Payments?
A: Failed Payments are payments that have not been successful. Examples: a Visa/MasterCard payment that has been declined, a payment that has been stopped.

Q: What are the charges that have been deducted from my balance?
A: Many payment methods have processing charges which are our responsibility.
  However, we reserve the right to deduct a processing charges from your balance if it is above a reasonable percentage or amount (ex: bank transfer fee). Wherever possible, we inform you beforehand about such charges.

Q: Why is the payment date at the statement different than the date I made the payment?
A: Some Payments are not immediately processed. Once they are, the date and time are updated so as to match when the amount is available to use.

Visa / MasterCard Payment

Q: My Visa / MasterCard was declined although all the information requested was correctly entered. What happened?
A: 1) Please ensure your card has sufficient balance to make the payment.
  2) Some cards have restrictions on where they can be used. Please contact your bank.
  3) The card processors may not allow the processing of cards issued from banks of specific countries.

Q: Why can't I use a card other than Visa or MasterCard?
A: eUmbrella Corporation is authorised to receive payments from Visa / MasterCard only.

Q: I am asked for a verification code. What is this?
A: For higher security, your bank may ask for a verification code in addition to the information requested by the card processor. Please contact your bank for further information.

Direct Debit

Q: Why is it taking so long to process a Direct Debit Payment?
A: 1) Direct Debit Payments are not instantaneous. Instead a procedure has to be followed which includes your bank. Therefore, it will take some time for your instructions to reach your bank and for us to receive the result of your payment.
  2) The first payment takes longer than subsequent payments because your bank reviews and activates your Mandate (so next time it can be automatically processed). It is recommended that you make a small payment as soon as your Mandate is approved. This will ensure when you need to make a payment it will be processed as fast as possible.
  3) Non-Cypriot SEPA clients: SEPA Direct Debit Payments outside Cyprus can take longer to complete.

Q: I created a new Mandate at my RR Account. Why can't I start making payments immediately?
A: Cyprus does not recognise digital signatures yet. Therefore, we require the printed signed Mandate and your IBAN confirmation document before we can approve it.

Cover Cash

Q: I have bought a Cover Cash Voucher but the PIN is not accepted or the wrong value was credited. What can I do?
A: You should return it at the place you bought it from.
  Cover Cash is an electronic voucher and not a plastic scratch card, so once a PIN number is printed it can be viewed by anyone.
  Make sure you buy from a store operating an authorised Cover Cash distribution system. Ensure the voucher is being printed when you buy it. Avoid receiving the PIN number on a pre-printed voucher or on paper because it may be fake or it may have already been used.

Q: Can I use a Cover Cash Voucher at a later time?
A: Yes, Cover Cash does not expire. However it is recommended that you use it as soon as you buy it. This way you can avoid the possibility of misplacing or losing the PIN.

Q: Can I buy Cover Cash online?
A: No. If you wish to pay online, use Visa / MasterCard instead.

Q: You describe Cover Cash as e-money. Can it be used to pay for products and services of other companies?
A: No. Cover Cash can only be used for RichReach.

Q: Is the Cover Cash Voucher a VAT receipt?
A: No, Cover Cash is electronic money. For VAT purposes, please use your RichReach Invoices.

Q: How can I sell/distribute Cover Cash?
A: To ensure our clients can find Cover Cash near their location, eUmbrella Corporation cooperates with electronic voucher distributors. Such companies have a large distribution network (hundreds or thousands of points of sale) and distribute multiple electronic vouchers such as Prepaid Mobile Telephone Top Ups, Calling Cards and e-money. If you meet these criteria and you would like to distribute Cover Cash, please Contact Us.
  If you have a store such as a kiosk or a supermarket, please contact one of the authorised Cover Cash distributors to find out how you can sell Cover Cash.
  We do not supply Cover Cash to other parties in order to protect our clients from the possibility of buying invalid PIN numbers (fraud).

RichReach Transfers

Q: My RR Transfer was rejected. What am I doing wrong?
A: 1) Ensure the balance of your Financial Wallet that you are transfering from is positive
  2) The balance of your Wallet cannot become negative
  3) The recipient must also be using RichReach
  4) You need internet access to perform the transfer

Q: How can I know that I will transfer to the correct recipient?
A: RichReach can only verify that the recipient is using RichReach.
  Please double check the recipient's telephone number before making the transfer. eUmbrella Corporation is not responsible if you end up transferring to a wrong recipient or a wrong amount.

Q: I made a RichReach Transfer and I have made it to the wrong person. How can I confirm the mistake and what can I do to correct this?
A: You can review the transfer information at your financial statement.
  In case you have indeed made the transfer to a wrong RichReach client, you can contact the recipient to return the amount. You can also Contact Us to assist you. However, we cannot guarantee that we can reverse the transfer.

Q: I have made a transfer but it was made twice. Why did this happen and what can I do?
A: A transfer can take a few seconds to be processed. Avoid pressing the transfer confirmation button twice. Allow a couple of minutes before trying again. You can confirm the transfer was not processed by checking your balance and/or statement.
  If indeed the transfer was made twice, you can ask the recipient to return it. You can also Contact Us to assist you. However, we cannot guarantee that we can reverse the second transfer.

Q: I have transferred a larger amount than I wanted. Can this be corrected?
A: Before you confirm a transfer please review the amount and recipient. eUmbrella Corporation is not responsible if you end up transferring to a wrong recipient or a wrong amount. You should contact the recipient to return the additional amount.

Q: What is: RichReach Client Transfer Declined?
A: The recipient of your transfer has the right to decline the transfer you have made and to return the amount back to you.

Other Payment Methods

Q: I have made a Bank Deposit/Transfer but it has not yet been processed. What happened?
A: 1) It is not possible to continually check our bank accounts for new payments. Please be patient or Contact Us to check
  2) A bank transfer payment to a different bank than yours or internationally can take a few days to reach us
  3) Ensure you enter your RichReach Barcode as description for the payment so that we know it came from you. Sometimes, it is not immediately recognisable who the client is from just the name.
Once this payment method is available at the RichReach Application, you can record your payment so that we will be notified to expect it and process it immediately after we receive it.

Q: I mailed you a cheque a few days ago but the payment has not been recorded. Why is that?
A: 1) Most likely because we haven't received it yet. Mail can take some time to be delivered. Next time prefer to deposit the cheque directly to one of our bank accounts for faster processing.
  2) Sometimes, it is not immediately recognisable who the client is from just the name on the cheque. Ensure you include with the cheque additional information such as your RichReach Barcode.