Messaging - Message Specifications

These specifications provide general guidelines on how to prepare your Message. It is recommended that you send a test message to yourself to confirm it is received and correct before sending it t everyone.

SMS Messages


Length Allowed Characters
Up to 11 characters Latin Letters & Numbers
No Spaces or Special Characters
The Header cannot be a phone number

Message Content/Text

Length Allowed Characters
Up to 160 characters Latin Letters (lowecase and upercase)
Greek Capital Letters (1)
Special Characters (2)

1) Lowercase greek letters will be converted to their corresponding upper case letters. However, a greek letter with τόνο (ά ή έ etc) does not have uppercase letter so the specific letters will not appear in the message.
2) Some special characters like € count as 2 characters in SMS messages
3) Please note that GSM networks may not support multiple languages. If you send a non-latin message to recipients located at multiple countries or who are roaming, the SMS may not be delivered or may not appear correctly. Prefer to write an SMS in english.