Messaging FAQ

Messaging - Frequently Asked Questions

Note: The RichReach Messaging Service is under development. This F.A.Q. applies to the RichReach Traditional Bulk SMS service.


Q: Do I have to register for other RichReach services to use the Traditional Bulk SMS Service? What about the RichReach Messaging service under development?
A: No, both services can be used on their own. The Traditional Bulk SMS Portal operates fully independently from the RichReach Platform

Q: How do I register for the Service?
A: Please Contact Us to provide you with additional information and help you get started. The service is prepaid, so if you are interested to sign-up, we will issue an invoice and we will create your account as soon as it is settled.

Recipients Groups

Q: How many Recipients Groups can I create?
A: There is no limit in the number of Recipients Groups you can create.

Q: How do I manage my Recipients Groups?
A: You can name and describe each group. You can change their name/description and add/remove phones to keep them up to date. You can delete groups you no longer use.

Q: Can I send messages to telephone numbers of any country?
A: Currently we only support SMS messages to Cypriot SIM cards. The RichReach Messaging service will support delivery of SMS globally.

Q: The Recipients Group has less recipients than my list. Why is that?
A: 1) Every recipient is included once so they only receive one message from you.
  2) Invalid recipients (not a mobile number or not a correct format) are removed.
  3) Recipients who have asked not to receive information/advertising messages from any of our clients are removed. If your business falls under a special category such as school, municipality, bank etc and your messages must be delivered, you can Contact Us to disable the Opt Out feature for you..

Sending Messages

Q: I haven't used a similar system before. Can you help me send my messages?
A: When you register you will receive the Bulk SMS service guide. We can assist you when you send your first message. However, we cannot send the messages on your behalf.

Q: Can I connect my system (Point of Sale, Customer Relation Manager etc) with your Bulk SMS Platform?
A: Messages are sent by many businesses and parties. The Bulk SMS technologies are standardised. Most customer related systems have SMS delivery modules. You should check with your system supplier if it supports SMS functionality. If it does, you can Contact Us to assist you further.

Q: How can I find how many SMS messages I can send?
A: The available credits are displayed at Send SMS after you login. 1 credit = 1 message (160 characters).

Q: Why can't I send SMS messages longer than 160 characters?
A: The length of SMS messages is limited to 160 characters due to technical limitations. We will review this restriction after the RichReach Messaging service is released.

Q: Can the message be in any language?
A: There are specific rules an SMS must meet. Please see the Message Specifications for further information.
 Email messages have no limitations.

Q: What is a Test Message?
A: eUmbrella Corporation recommends that you send a Test Message to yourself to test the message is correct before sending it to the recipients. eUmbrella Corporation is not responsible if you did not test it and due to the text being incorrect or due to a Specification related reason could not be delivered.

Q: Can I stop a message from being sent?
A: If it has been scheduled for a later date and/or time, please Contact Us to try and cancel it.
 A message being sent cannot be stopped.

Delivery of Messages

Q: Some recipients complained that the SMS message did not appear correctly. Why?
A: The most frequent reason is the recipients' mobile devices. Not all mobiles support all languages and old mobiles may not support some characters.

Q: Some recipients complained that they did not receive my SMS. Did you not send it?
A: 1) Verify the recipient was in the Recipients Group.
  2) Some recipients requested not to receive SMS messages from any RichReach client and are removed automatically from the Recipients Groups.
  3) GSM networks "expire" messages that cannot be delivered after a number of retries (mobile device off, roaming).
  4) eUmbrella Corporation does not have direct access to the recipients' device to deliver the SMS. RichReach is connected with reliable GSM networks and SMS Exchange Portals that act as "middleware" to deliver your messages. Although it is very rare, due to technical reasons the message may fail on the way.

Billing & Payments

Q: How do I add more messages/credits?
A: Call us to send you an invoice. Once it is paid we will add the Bulk SMS credits to your account.

Q: Do my SMS message credits expire?
A: No, you can use them whenever you want. Some of our clients purchased a large number of credits and have been using our service for years without needing to add more.

Q: Can I pay with any of the Payment Methods listed in Our Services at your website?
A: Unfortunately, only the Other Payment Methods are available for the Traditional Bulk SMS service.

Q: Can I have credit terms?
A: Unfortunately no. eUmbrella Corporation prepays the SMS suppliers, therefore we cannot offer credit terms. Please keep track of your Bulk SMS credits balance to ensure they are sufficient for your Bulk SMS needs.